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Nigerian bakers will be on strike for four days.

Nigerian bakers will be on strike for four days.

In Nigeria, bakers are turning off their ovens at midnight in protest of the growing price of wheat flour and other goods like diesel, which is hurting their revenues. 

Government subsidies are sought by members of one of the unions representing bakers. 

The head of the Premium Bread Makers Association, Emmanuel Onuarah, stated that several bakeries had to terminate their employees because they were unable to pay salaries. 

He proposed that the government cease levying a 15% tax on imported wheat, the cost of which has already skyrocketed this year as a result of the conflict in Ukraine. 

Due to the poor quality of the nation’s electricity supply, bakeries must use generators to power their ovens. The price of diesel has increased as a result. 

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The union that is on strike also requests that the government set an affordable renewal charge for operating licenses. 

Mr. Onuarah claims that although this strike is only intended to be for four days, bread producers will continue to strike indefinitely if the government does not address their issues.

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