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Experts Counsel Nigerian Judges on Mental Health

Experts Counsel Nigerian Judges on Mental Health

Mental health is the most neglected phenomenon in the country. Since most people don’t understand that the brain controls the whole body. Anenih Mordi, mental health advocate and CEO of Dew Centers Lagos, appealed to judges in Nigeria to take a strong interest in their mental health so they can dispense Justice well. Only a sane mind can do justice. This lecture was given during the 16th International Maritime Seminar for Judges established by the Nigerian Council in Abuja.

She pointed out that the workload of judges can be overwhelming as they are responsible for administering justice according to the country’s constitution. It takes a sane man to do that. As judges, they are very vulnerable to negative statements, and threats to their lives and families, which obviously can influence the way they think.

According to Anenih-Mordi, “To me, being here today at such a prestigious and important seminar and taking the time to talk about the well-being of our judges is like 10,000 steps in the right direction.

Stress may be an unavoidable part of most people’s lifestyles, but the more tools individuals have to manage their stress, the easier it becomes to handle those high-pressure moments with improved resilience and a healthy body and mind.

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“The focus should be on the well-being and quality of life of judges and lawyers. Don’t just plan for retirement, plan for life after career.”

This is a very good lecture as our judges need to be educated on mental health to prevent some mental disorders.

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