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FG Assures Dorman Long Flyover Users In Lagos State

FG Assures Dorman Long Flyover Users In Lagos State

The Federal Controller of Works in Lagos State, Mrs Olukorede Kesha, had on Monday, September 18, assured road users in the state that the Dorman Long Flyover located at Jibowu Bus Stop was and still is, structurally okay and safe for pedestrian use.

Mrs Kesha, had in the statement, encouraged the public to ignore a social media video alleging that a section of the bridge connecting Ikorodu Road to Western Avenue (Jibowu-Ojuelegba) was in grave condition and required urgent attention.

Keaha had said that in response to the claims, she had led her squad of engineers to conduct a physical assessment of the bridge to ascertain the allegations, but they had discovered that the flyover was in good condition.

The controller had further stated that it had been found that the section on which there was speculation was in good condition, and the bridge bearings and all other sections in that location were found to be structurally sound.

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She had also explained that only a negligible portion of the parapet wall was damaged and that itself did not affect the total structural stability of the bridge.

“To this end, the general public should put their mind at ease and keep enjoying the use of the bridge with peace of mind.” she finished.

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