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Four Fake Soldiers were Arrested by the Police

Four Fake Soldiers were Arrested by the Police

Lagos State is rated as a center for excellence which is true, but due to its large population, it is also regarded as a center of several criminal activities. Law enforcement agents have to be on the lookout day and night to be able to notice and stop any criminal activities. Four men posing as Soldiers were nabbed this morning at 1 am by dutiful police officers on patrol in the Iju area of Lagos state.

The squad led by CSP Gbenga Stephen noticed that the men were fully kitted in military apparel, upon questioning as to where they were deployed to and which destination they were headed at that ungodly hour in the morning, yielded no result, as they could not provide reasonable answers to any of these questions. The Policemen suspected foul play and immediately arrested them.

Benjamin Hundeyin, the spokesperson of the Lagos State Police in a tweet revealed that the suspects have been taken to State criminal investigation department for further and proper investigation. 

The tweet read, “Officers of the Iju Division led by the DPO, CSP Gbenga Stephen, today around 1.30 am arrested four fake soldiers in the Iju area of Lagos State.

 “The fake soldiers who were arrested in a Mazda 3 saloon car are Samuel Abel, 28; Victor ljeemai, 35; Lukman Salabiu, 43, and Oyinyechi Marcus, 30.

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They have been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba for further investigation.”

Law enforcement agents have to be extremely vigilant to be able to detect and blow up the cover of those pretending to be members of the force to perpetrate criminal activities.

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