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Fun ways to spend time this weekend as a couple

Fun ways to spend time this weekend as a couple

I know we all have this perfect picture of what our live as married couples would be like, but when we actually get into the marriage, it begins to appear as if those dreams can not be achieved. Not because we do not love our spouses, but because we simply do not have the ideas to make it a reality.

Sometimes it can be due to the demands of our jobs or business and before you know it, the whole year has passed by us in a jiffy. Sometimes, we just do not know how to bring the spark back into our marriages or relationships.

If you belong to this categories of people, either the man looking for ways to impress his woman or the lady trying to cement her place and spot in the life of her man who seems to be more involved or buried in his work or duties, these few tips can just be the secret you have been looking for. 

You can either adopt them fully or blend them to suit what you actually want to achieve in the relationship/marriage depending on what position you are presently. Feel free to be creative with as many as possible, remember the goal is to reignite or boost whatever you have in your relationship at the moment. Let’s go!

Bathe together

Now this might sound odd to old school couples who were brought up to be timid or secretive in their dealings, but hey, it is 2021 and the world has evolved. Who says you cannot share the bathroom together? Give him or her full body massage using the hot bathe and see the wonders that follow afterwards.  Relieving the stress that might have built up during the weeklong chain of activities by sparing time to bathe together over the weekend might just be the tonic lacking all through the week. Try it, it won’t help if you help out scrubbing those naughty corners of the body, winks.

Drop The Phones-

I know most of us are so connected to our mobile devices that we don’t even notice our spouses. I mean we can be in the same house for hours  and not say a word to each other meanwhile we are busy commenting on other peoples status and random posts on social media. That is a crime!

Why not be intentional about creating time for your partner this weekend, make it a rule or law that you will do away with the lure of your phone or social media and focus mainly or solely on your partner this weekend, and you will be surprised on the level of connection or bond you will create. Try it.

Wear Something Different-

Funny enough, ladies are guilty of this particular sin. Why hide those sexy unique lingerie’s in the box? Who says it must be on his birthday or your anniversary before you wear them? Variety is the spice of life, why not make him drull over your sexy curves by wearing something different from the robes he has seen you wear since January? The moment he sees something new, his curiosity is heightened and that makes him come closer to you to explore “new frontiers”.

Eat Out-

Especially dinner, because that can lead to a whole lot of other activities planned or unplanned. Going out for a dinner date can never lose its effect on couples or folks dating. Have you been eating her regular meals for months? Why not break that cycle and ask her to rest while you arrange for a dinner date? That extra freed up energy would come good when both of you get back and are still fully engaged in either a discussion or bed time activity. Thank me later

All these are tips that can be explored or expanded upon. There are still more tips that will be shared in my next article so watch out for that. For now, go make this weekend a memorable one for you and your partner/spouse. Have fun people.   

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