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How Gov. Bello could jettison presidential aspirations in favor of Osinbajo

How Gov. Bello could jettison presidential aspirations in favor of Osinbajo

Political groups and politicians are maneuvering in advance of the 2023 elections to prevail. Gov. Yahaya Bello, the governor of Kogi State, has previously admitted to being interested in the presidency in 2023 because he believes that people want him to lead the country. When Nigerian youth approached him to run for the 2023 presidency, the governor stated that he would soon be returning their calls and replying to their demands.

However, today in a statement delivered by GYB2PYB Network Movement 2023’s President, Abdullahi Shuaibu, Governor Yahaya Bello was advised to not delay his presidential aspirations by appointing the current Vice President, Chief Yomi Osinbajo, as the country’s leader.

Shuaibu, who spoke in Kano while being part of a prayer session arranged by the support group to raise Bello’s political career, said that he would risk losing his political career because of his commitment to helping ensure Bello’s success.

In an attempt to back demands to zone the North-Central zone as the location of the National Chairmanship of the APC, the APC support group on Thursday, April 8, requested that Yahaya Bello withdraws his bid for the presidency.

After the announcement, the North Central Coalition for Leadership (NCCL) has railed against a coalition under the North-Central Council of the All Progressive Congress, or NCCAL, for speaking with Kogi Governor Yahaya Bello about his presidential ambitions. NCCL, a political coalition, claimed that the group pressured Bello to withdraw his presidential bid by making “unjustified and oppressive demands for zoning” on his residents.

Finally, it is recommended that Governor Yahaya Bello pursue his presidential ambitions despite the vice president’s ties to him. However, his desire should not stop him from getting it.

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