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Iran protests: Students jeer a paramilitary speaker

Iran protests: Students jeer a paramilitary speaker

After anti-government protests that were sweeping the nation spilled into the classroom, a new video that has been posted online surports to show schoolgirls jeering at a member of Iran’s feared paramilitary Basij force.

The man, who was supposedly invited to speak to them, is seen being yelled at by the adolescents as they wave their headscarves in the air and scream “go lost, Basiji.”

Volunteers from the Basij have aided the government’s suppression of the demonstrations.

After a woman who had been jailed for violating the hijab legislation died, they erupted.

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Another video that has been circulating on social media appears to show an old woman applauding while schoolgirls in black uniforms and without clothes chant “freedom, freedom, freedom” in a street demonstration.

A third video purportedly shot in Karaj shows schoolgirls yelling and fleeing from a man riding a motorcycle along a sidewalk. The man is thought to be a member of the security forces dressed in plain clothes.

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