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Johnny Drille – “I Will Now Be Making Street Music”…

Johnny Drille – “I Will Now Be Making Street Music”…

The “Wait for Me” breakout crooner posted a video Friday, June, 4th, 2022 announcing that “Not one single person fainted when they saw me in the streets of Obalende”. The singer/songwriter disguised himself with a pair of dark sun shades and a face mask when he stepped out on the streets of Lagos, yesterday. 

“At the end of the day, I wasn’t recognized much and that made me sad, but, I’m gonna fix that”  he further added. “Maybe, I should start making music for the streets. Somebody should tell Zazuu, I’m ready” he concludes. 

Internet users reacted to the video, with some sympathizing with him and others, criticizing the fact that he went out disguised and expected his fans to recognize him. One user tweeted: “When you wear eyeglass and face mask, how they wan take see you? Plus, everyone is busy going about their day, nobody has the time to look at anybody’s face”.

Another tweep opined that Johnny Drille’s type of music was not for the “trenches”. And that if he were in America, he would have won several Grammys.

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It is unclear at the time of this post whether the singer plans to go ahead with his announcement of pursuing street music.

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