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Kambili’s dilemma: A guide on how to organize the wardrobe

Kambili’s dilemma: A guide on how to organize the wardrobe

The rom com movie, Kambili: The whole 30 yards, released in 2020 is no doubt a hit. A colorfully told story with lessons to hold on to. As much as I’d love to keep gushing about the story, that isn’t the aim. In the first few scenes of the movie, Kambili is seen arriving to work late with her house left in disarray. One would agree that the state of the room Contributed to her lateness and her tardiness – she spends time searching for what to wear to work, in fact, in one of the scenes she had to turn everything over before she could find her laptop. Kambili’s dilemma is very relatable especially to the working class. Cleaning up after a hectic day seems like another load of work. 

The process of rearranging that small space may take time, thought, and a little bjt of hard work, but the following helpful tips will allow you create a wardrobe you can count on.

The following organizing ideas are easy for anyone to adapt to their closet:

To keep your clothes as neat and accessible as possible, you’ll need to use a variety of clothing organization ideas for garments and accessories. Although it might be tempting to throw everything on a hanger, different types of clothes require unique organization methods for the most effective storage. Your dresses for example, won’t be organized the same way as your trousers or your socks.

1. Edit your bedspace

Clothes retain their good looks longer when stacked neatly. Before organizing clothes, create space in closets and drawers by editing your wardrobe—Consider donating clothes that hasn’t been worn in a year, no longer fits or is too damaged to repair, or is decidedly never coming back into style.

2. Organize garments like shirts, jeans in plain sight 

This clothing organization idea works well for jeans, T-shirts, sweaters, and other garments that don’t need to be hung.

3. Divide hanger by category 

Create a labeling system that tells you what goes where, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Storing similar items such as jackets or button-down shirts together, streamlines clothing storage and stops you from stuffing too much in one spot. This also prevents other garments from falling off hangers or becoming wrinkled.

4. Plan outfits on the back of the door

Use the back of a door to expand your clothing storage space beyond the closet. Use over-the-door hooks to temporarily hold freshly ironed outfits and hold heavy items that are worn daily.  

5. Keep your best attire on hanger 

Hang your best garments, such as dresses, jackets, and delicate blouses. To streamline your morning routine, organize a week’s worth of work outfits by separating hanging clothes with day-of-the-week tags. This lets you pre-check garments, giving you time to clean spots or repair flaws before Monday rolls around, and makes it easy to dress and dash on busy mornings.

6. Get a shoe rack

Easily find your gym sneakers or date night heels by investing in a shoe rack. Organize by color or activity so you can quickly grab and go. 

Let us know what you think about these tips in the comment section below. 

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