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Kaptain Shows Off Talent in His Debut Album ‘Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.

Kaptain Shows Off Talent in His Debut Album ‘Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.

In recent times, the Nigerian music industry is transforming into a scene for exceptional talents, kudos to a combination of the diasporic show that the net offers and the discovery of newly inspired musicians. Now, the visibility of Afropop is clearer and richer, with many diversities and inventions when likened to how it was since the start of new urban Nigerian music in the year, 1999.

Nigerian singer, Kaptain, is on the list of artists who are agents of this positive change in Nigeria’s music industry. He is among the persons sponsoring this charge with his wonderful spry vocals as well as a cool style of delivery that ushers in a unique message and style into the active mosaic of Afrofusion that calls for substance and tonality.

Born and raised in the Benin City, this upcoming Nigerian star brought in a distilled form of jazz-related music delivery to Nigeria and the world at large, he has successfully recorded tapes like Kapacity (in the year 2020) and ‘Love Ship’.

He just came back this year with a better project as his album bearing the title ‘Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt’ is soaring to the top-most cadre. In his track work (12th work), Kaptain had to reflect on his life so far, he luxuriated in his successes and is making the world know of his artistic endowment. He included in the list ‘Moonlight on Bard’, the starter which had a combination of global-building skills and therapeutic candor to create a unique record that springs up his abilities. The following track is another produced in collaborative work with Boy Xander and it goes by the name ‘On My Own’; it is a very innovative story (3rd person perspective narrative) of both heartbreaking scenes and disloyalty that also contained emotive song-writing all from Kapacity

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With records like Sure, Missing, and BAE, you get a long list of interesting love ballads that are as heart-warming as they are to the soul. The last ½ of Kaptain’s album is filled with songs about being a bit impervious from his ‘Non-Stop’ production which he did with Teni, to ‘Free’ which is about having his face. He also laid his fears as well as the general fears of many Nigerian young populations. All through this project which concluded with ‘Give Thanks’, he hopes for his smooth delivery pattern to see him through the track. He also drew words, and and and and teased sounds within the project sentences.

‘Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt’ gives an insight on Kaptain’s talent as he rides you through the top and tensions of his artistry journey letting you miss no beat, you just need to know that Captain is fully tipped for success.

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