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Anxiety as Household Product Shortages Hits the U.S

Anxiety as Household Product Shortages Hits the U.S

Asides from inflation, another issue that shoppers face when heading to the grocery store are low supplies of certain items due to recalls, the high price of ingredients, delays in shipping, and supply chain problems, still ongoing irrespective of pandemic-related manufacturing problems making an influence for more than two years, since the coronavirus emerged.

Some of the products in shortage at the moment are

Baby Products that families with newborns and toddlers have been struggling to purchase in supermarkets across the U.S for several months. This shortage occurred after a huge recall was issued in February due to a lot of infant deaths and sicknesses linked to some popular brands. Additionally, Abbott Nutrition, a leading baby formula brand in the U.S shut down one of its manufacturing plants and has just begun to open up, after 4 months. Unfortunately, the company has said that the EleCare formula would not be available until late June.

Tampons have been scarce and U.S women have been outraged at having to pay more to purchase sanitary products with Amazon, which an online retailer at the online store charges nearly 115 dollars for a box containing 18 tampons. Furthermore, the women have not been able to find some of the products they need. An increase in demand, supply chain issues and the high price of tampon raw materials have been blamed for the scarcity.

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Wine Bottles i.e. the glass bottles that wine cases come in have been scarce due to the high cost of raw materials used in producing glass.

Sriracha Condiment specifically the Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce due to a pepper shortage. The shortage of pepper is coming as weather conditions have affected the quality of the peppers, used in making the hot chili sauce. The company has given a statement saying that it hopes that everything is resolved before Fall.

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