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Khaid – “I Was a One-time Mechanic that Grew up in the Streets of Ojo”

Khaid – “I Was a One-time Mechanic that Grew up in the Streets of Ojo”

Khaid, a fast-rising Nigerian rapper, in a recent interview with Pulse Nigeria revealed that he was a one-time street mechanic. Full-named Sulaimon Shekoni Abiola, but famous as Khaid, he is a singer who was raised in a nuclear family of ten. He has 7 siblings. Khaid was brought up in the streets of Ojo town in Lagos.

In the interview which was an avenue for Khaid to discuss his ambition and his plans to conquer the world, he revealed a whole lot about his career, background, and personal life.

When asked about his family background, here is what Khaid had to say:  “I am a 17-year-old boy that has a passion for music. I grew up in a family of ten ( 10) with eight ( 8) children and two (2) parents. And I was a one-time mechanic that grew up in the streets of Ojo town”

 Your life as a mechanic? Khaid explained: ” There was a time my dad needed me to do something as music was not working for me. So I just became a mechanic as I could make money from it”

About your childhood?  Khaid’s words: “The most interesting part of my childhood is the part where I get to do anything I want. At that time I just lived right. I was not bothered about not being balanced in life”

When Asked About His Academic Background, Khaid said ” Yeah! I am in school”

Talking about Nevill’s records, he was asked to explain How he met Sydney Talker: “He liked one of my freestyles on Instagram, followed and sent me a DM. We linked up, made some cool stuff and he ended up telling me I’m signed”. Khaid explained.

Khaid on Why he chose music? He explained that it was the freedom to express himself to the public that made him choose music

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. Khaid on what he draws inspiration from? Khaid revealed that he gets inspired by literally anything. 

Here were words of encouragement that he had for his fans during the interview: “Where you are now will not determine where you be tomorrow. When I was a mechanic I used to wonder if this is what I will do for the rest of my life. I wasn’t enjoying it actually except when I earn money” 

The 17-year-old rapper was announced as Neville Records ‘ 1st record signing on the 20th of January, 2022. Sydney Talker, a well-known skit maker who now adds A&R as one of his talents, discovered Khaid. He dished out his debut single titled ‘With You,’ 8 days after the announcement was made. The song went on to rank as one of the country’s top hit songs, with more than 1.4 million views on YouTube and about 2.9 million Spotify streams. Barely 4 months after, Khaid dished out his first solo extended play with the title “Diversity”. The track project (6) was released on the 27th of May, 2022.

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