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Kogi High Court uncovers N4.8m fraud, fake tellers

Kogi High Court uncovers N4.8m fraud, fake tellers

The Kogi State High Court has unearthed an N4.8 million fraud allegedly committed by several state court officials.

This was revealed in a report filed by the Chairman of the Revenue Task Force, Sunday Paul, to the Acting Chief Judge, Hon. Justice Josiah Majebi.

Hon. Justice Majebi established the task team to investigate any fraudulent acts in the generation of revenue by the Kogi State High Court.

While presenting his findings to the Acting Chief Judge, Chairman of the Revenue Taskforce, Sunday Paul, stated that he had consistently begun reviewing the court’s account inflows, in combination with the court’s deposit money bank, into which payments and fines due the court were supposed to be paid.

In the process, he discovered a syndicated mechanism in which payments to the court by law chambers, their practitioners, and other individuals were managed with bespoke bank tellers and bank stamps to cheat the court.

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In response, the Acting Chief Judge, Hon Justice Josiah Majebi, stated that the matter was already being investigated by the police.

He urged trust and honesty from the court’s administration and staff, stating that the institution must be protected for current and future generations.

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