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Muna’s playlist:The perfect playlist of songs to have sex to

Muna’s playlist:The perfect playlist of songs to have sex to

“Let me play some music, muna said to her partner. She stood up to grab a record, taking off the accessories she had on as she strolled sexily down to where her vinyl record is placed.

Keep your breath on me

And keep, keep, keep going

‘Til my body is free

Keep your eyes on me

And keep, keep, keep going

‘Til I’m the last thing you see

JPOLND’s “The End” starts playing. “keep your touch on my skin and keep keep keep going” Muna sings along to the song, moving her hips rhythmically to the beat—in such a way that made her waist beads jingle together, caressing her body, slowly stripping off the clothes she had left on her. Still basking in the moment, she pulled off her panties slowly, keeping eye contact with ‘her’.

Is that a sex playlist? Her partner asked, watching Muna with the utmost attention as she vibes to the song playing in the background.

Yes, it is. And I’ve got the best sex playlist” Muna responded as Rihanna’s “Sex with me” rolled in… 

Vodka and water, and a lemon 

And a few other things I can not mention


Five fingers on it (five fingers)

Hit it like you own it, I’mma hit it like I’m on it

Straight shots of the blue dot

(Shots, shots, shots, shots)

Improving intimacy with sound

“Not only does music improve our state of mind and reduce stress, but studies have shown that it also uses the same reward pathways as sex.”

This means that our emotional response to music is governed by the same system. And, that sounds like more than enough reason to merge the two for a doubly pleasurable experience. 

“Playing music during sex or foreplay can stimulate several different happy hormone chemicals in our brains,” says Jackie Golob, a mental health counselor and sex & relationship therapist at the Minneapolis-based Centre for Sexual Wellness. Especially for those who are more inclined to auditory experiences than visual ones, Golob explains, “It may be an added turn-on for some folks and this can enhance sexual arousal, desire, [and] pleasure.” Think: music, lyrics, and dirty talk.

Below is a carefully curated sex playlist that will inspire you to call the shots inside and outside of the bedroom. Whether focused on getting it on with another human, getting to know yourself in the “biblical sense”, or just sexiness as a general concept, these songs are sure to get the blood flowing below the belt.

1. Morning – Teyana Taylor ft Kehlani

2. Do not disturb – Teyana Taylor ft Chris Brown

3. Meet Me in the Middle – Jessie Ware

4. Kiss it better – Rihanna

5. Feeling Myself – Nicki Minaj feat. Beyoncé

6. Drunk in Love – Beyoncé

7. Never Be the Same – Camila Cabello

8. Burning Desire – Lana Del Rey

9. Thru Your Phone – Cardi B

10. Slower – Brandy

What do you think about this playlist? Do you have any suggestions? Let us know in the comment section below!

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