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Players Used to Take Pay cuts just to play for Manchester United- Cleverly

Players Used to Take Pay cuts just to play for Manchester United- Cleverly

Tom cleverly, ex-Manchester United player revealed that in the good old times, world-class footballers usually agreed to take half pay just to have the opportunity to play for Manchester United, but now the reverse is the case.

Manchester United has been going through a rough time, as the club has lost its dominance in the world of football, they are no longer the fearful red devils Since 2013 they’ve not won any title, and the club is struggling.

According to Cleverly, players had the interest of the club at heart then, it wasn’t about the pay, but about the prestige of playing for such a club, but now it’s no longer about the passion. He never imagined that Manchester United will end up this way.

“When Asked if it’s a shock to see where United are, Cleverley told talkSPORT Breakfast: “It is, but I think [former manager] Sir Alex Ferguson was a big part of that.

“People would genuinely take less money just to say that they played for Manchester United, but I think that’s slowly going now, or has gone.

“Young players are being offered so much money and it seems that their target is to get as much money as they can rather than having the prestige of playing for Manchester United.

“I never thought we’d get to this stage where it isn’t intimidating going there as an away player.

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“What’s worse is that the two places where you have the most fear, are Man United’s biggest rivals in Man City and Liverpool.

“They’re the two places where you going and think about damage limitation.”

Last season, Manchester United’s performance was woeful, starting this new season they were defeated by Brighton. No wonder Ronaldo wants to leave the club. It will take serious hard work and planning to restore Manchester United to its former glory.

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