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Police arrest Twitter user over false kidnap claims

Police arrest Twitter user over false kidnap claims

Ameerah Sufyan, a Twitter user who claimed she was kidnapped along with sixteen other residents of Abuja, has been detained by the Federal Capital Territory Police Command. 

Sufyan apologized on her Twitter account on Monday, saying she deceived the public on purpose. 

Sufyan had earlier said on Twitter that she and sixteen others were kidnapped at gunpoint from various sections of Abuja by men in police uniforms, including three pregnant women and two children. 

She was found three days later, according to a statement from the FCT police leadership. 

She came out to formally apologize on her Twitter account to the general public, the whole police department, and my friends and family for misleading them with the tweet she made on the 14th of June, claiming that she was kidnapped.  She added that no such event had occurred, and it was all the result of her fantasies and bad thinking.

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“I intentionally took myself out of our house, went to these locations, entered bushes, and dehydrated and starved myself for four days just like that; there was no kidnapping, nothing at all. I truly apologize and please pray for me, I need it.” 

The police force had earlier come out to debunk the news that she had been kidnapped. According to the command’s Deputy Public Relations Officer, Omotayo Oduniyi, Sufyan has been arrested by the police, she is still in police custody and the inquiry continues

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