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President Buhari Receives Declaration Of Assets Form

President Buhari Receives Declaration Of Assets Form

On Friday, May 26, President Muhammadu Buhari received the assets declaration form from the Code of Conduct Bureau, CCB. The form was presented by the Chairman of the CCB Prof. Isa Muhammad at the State House in Abuja.

This is in accordance to Section 1 of the CCB, stating that all public officers must declare their assets at the assumption of a tenure and at the end of a tenure.

All the outgoing and incoming officers to be sworn in are expected to do same, as well as the members of the National Assembly.

All the officers are expected to declare all their assets within and outside the country, and the value of those assets with the currency in the country they are located.

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Failure to declare their true assets, comes with severe consequences, like disqualification from the officer’s office, removal from any office and seizure of properties gotten fraudulently in abuse of office.

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