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Skincare tips for Brides-to-be

Skincare tips for Brides-to-be

“Babes, how far? 

You get any skin care plug wey fit make my skin glow before my wedding next month?”,

My friend, Funmi, asked in a recording she sent via Whatsapp. 

It is no news that one of the major concerns of any bride-to-be is her Skin. Ah! The skin has to glow on her wedding day, it is a must! The wedding gown cannot stay well if the skin is not popping. When the groom slides the ring on her finger, it has to be aesthetically pleasing. 

Sadly, they do not go about it the right way. 2-3months to the wedding, they are searching for an organic skin care plug that will give them an organic “snow white” kit for skin glow. What if you get a massive skin reaction to these products? The kind of reaction that takes months to fix?

“Dear bride, 2 months to the wedding is not the right time to be experimental with skin care products”

How do I get flawless skin before my wedding


Just as you plan for the wedding location and invite like 6months prior to the D day, you should also include your skin. 

This is the right time to create a routine if you don’t follow one before. If you have to visit a dermatologist for that, you should.


Learning how to manage stress; your skin cannot look good if you aren’t treating yourself to adequate rest. Yes, we know you have to go to the market to get the perfect Aso Ebi and gele. Hanty, rest abeg. You can delegate tasks to people you trust to help you focus on other things. 

Set an appointment 

Set an appointment with a dermatologist to help you get started, especially if you are confused on how to go about it. But if you already have a routine, stick to it first, then you can visit the dermatologist much later. 

Here are a list of things you can start with before you visit the dermatologist for your facials and other things:

Sweat it out 

This can be achieved by exercising, letting out enough sweat helps to regulate a decent amount of blood flow and this helps with your glow. Yes, exercise can improve your skin glow. 

Skip the wine sis

If you are an avid drinker, you might want to cut back on that. You should incorporate veggie drinks in your meals. Yes, start from the inside. 

Also, you should avoid caffeine. 

Eat super foods

Remember the saying about how you are what you eat? Yes, I know you do. If you haven’t been taking this seriously, now you should. Switching your diet for a healthier one is the best way to go. Check out this article for what to eat for a healthy skin (link please) 

Manage excess facial oil 

This is for those with oily skin. If you have oily skin you should hydrate often. It helps to control the excess oil on the face. And if you have dry skin, you should moisturize more. 

Wash your makeup brushes

Erm, sis? When was the last time you washed your makeup tools? Your makeup brushes need to be washed because of all the impurities that have been stored in it. 

Deep clean with a mask 

Exfoliating, moisturizing isn’t enough sometimes. You need to apply a facial mask to also help remove impurities from your pores. This works especially since they stay longer on the face, so they are able to dig out all the impurities that are deep into your skin. 

Beauty sleep 

Sleep is everything. You need to make sure you are getting enough sleep. Because, when we sleep, it’s the only time our brain can repair and reorganize. Also, the relaxed breathing state during sleep reduces stress by calming our central nervous system. 

  • Start getting regular massages to relieve muscle stress. 
  • Drink water, drink water, again, drink water. 
  • Visit the dermatologist again

I know these tips look too simple to be effective. But, you would be surprised how effective they can be. You don’t have to break a bank to have healthy skin. 

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