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Sweet fantasy: The thin line between reality and fantasy

Sweet fantasy: The thin line between reality and fantasy

Fantasy allows us to escape from the frustrations and limits of our everyday lives. Through fantasy, a person can transform the real world into whatever he or she likes, no matter how briefly or improbably. Despite it being a make-believe excursion of the mind, fantasy can help people find excitement, adventure, self-confidence, and pleasure. 

“Good evening madam, right this way please”, the tuxedo-clad waiter said to Ella quietly as soon as she walked into the restaurant. He led her to a darkened alcove where Louis waited in a small booth. Louis rose to greet her, giving her a peck on the cheek as soon as she hugged him close. 

Ella drank in the aroma of his cologne mixed with his underlying aroma, her nipples already hard before his chest brushed against hers. Louis leaned in close to whisper in her ear, advancing his hand a bit closer to her silky, wet panties. 

Sexual fantasy, also called an erotic fantasy is a mental image or pattern of thought that stirs a person’s sexuality.

“Take your panties off”, he instructed, gently lapping her earlobe with his tongue. 

“What?… Now?… Here?”, She asked incredulously.

Damien struggled to open the door to his suite, distracted by the goddess kissing down his neck, ready to take off his clothes. He pushed the door and they fell to the ground still making out. 

“Hueles tan bien, mi amor (You smell so good my love)”, he said as he sniffed her neck down to her collarbone; she smelled like heaven – like dreams and wishes coming true. 

“Mmmm”, she cooed as she wrapped her arms around his torso drawing him into her. She had a dreamy smile on her face as she looked up to admire the ‘beautiful’ brown-eyed man staring at her too. At that moment, eyes locked, bodies glued together, two hearts beating as one, no need for words as the body’s doing the talking. 

The chords to Zayn Malik’s Pillow talk starts playing in the background.

“*Climb on board

We’ll go slow and high tempo

Light and dark

Hold me hard and mellow

I’m seeing the pain, seeing the pleasure

“Mmmm” she moaned, as he glides his tongue across her brown nipple while he pinched the other.

Drunk in the flames of passion; moaning, skin slapping is all you could hear; they were deep into the moment and all they cared for was each other; their bodies gave in to the pleasure, worshipped and loved by one another.

Lost in her lust, she got carried away by the flames of desires. It wasn’t just him anymore, there was her. 

 “Gosh she is so beautiful”, she thought. 

She reached forward to stroke her lips, caressed her breasts and like a moth to a flame she kissed her with so much passion. She moved up and wrapped her legs around her waist, this movement drew her attention to the beautiful beads that adorned her sexy waist. With a swift movement, she slipped her fingers into her vagina, this made Dolapo moan out load. 

Stuck between fantasy and reality, she screamed out loud announcing her climax. He pushed into her with one stroke and ohhhh it felt like she was in another place, her whole body vibrated in response to that stroke. Damien locked his hands with hers, admiring her beauty, wishing this moment would last forever. 

“*So we’ll piss off the neighbors

In the place that feels the tears

The place to lose your fears

Yeah, reckless behavior

A place that is so pure, so dirty and raw…. 

The music continued playing in the background…

“Me vuelves loco querida (You drive me crazy dear)”, he said. Somehow, she realized that she had been fantasizing, and became disturbed that she only enjoyed sex with her partner when she fantasized about another woman pleasuring her. 


Our use of the sexual imagination is quite varied. Fantasies function at different levels to boost our self-confidence, provide a safety space for pent up feelings, or increase sexual excitement. For some, the use of fantasy provides an initial boost to getting things under way. Others use fantasy to move from a leisurely, low key sexual level into a more passionate state. Some men and women report that they are unable to be orgasmic unless they use fantasy.

Are fantasies safe?

Sexual fantasies provide a safe, protected environment for engaging the imagination and letting our sexual feelings roam/explore. They are safe because they are private and fictional. The privacy aspect ensures that fantasies are undiscoverable, while the fictional part of our fantasies relieves us of personal accountability.

Another safety feature of fantasies lies in having the “director’s role” (being in control) even to the point of being able to end the fantasy abruptly if it becomes uncomfortable. For example: a teenage boy can construct elaborate sexual fantasies about ravishing his best friend’s mother without risking parental punishment or losing a friend.

What are your thoughts on fantasies?

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