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The gospel of Amala

The gospel of Amala

From time immemorial, ages behind, years back. Just one swallow has been able to prove dominance, just one has been able to stand the test of time. Against all obstacles, above all trials, in the midst of tribulations and persecutions, Amala has proven to be the best.

We have seen several swallows come against greatness, it’s expected. None has been able to touch the helm of the garment of amala, you can’t match greatness. From eba to semo to fufu even the least, pounded yam, everyone at one point or the other has come against amala but it rose to the occasion.

Drying of the yam flakes under the sun, spreading it for a particular number of days, the grinding to perfection and the bagging of greatness are all part of the steps involved to get the perfect yam flour. I’m using the word perfect a lot because that’s the only English word available to describe its marvelous sight.

Boiling of water to a set temperature, adding the right quantity of yam flour, using the “omo orogun” to turn it to the desired level of smoothness, all these steps when done properly produce this beauty called Amala. Each serving is greatness personified.

Let’s talk about the beauty. Colours red, yellow, dark brown or dark greyish colour and green stand out distinctly in the servings. Red for the chicken or beef stew, yellow for gbegiri and green for ewedu. Each fix is made from a well monitored process, the beans well grounded and made into gbegiri, ewedu mashed to perfection and stew crafted with joy.

“Ejo è funmi lamala pelu inu eran kan, ponmo kan, eja kika ati ese eran” – roughly translates to “please give me Amala with inside of meat, one ponmo, curved fish and cow leg”. This is my favorite combination. Watching the server dish this beauty, a spoon of ewedu with a spoon of gbegiri and two of stew. Eating this would even quench your spiritual hunger and I’m not even capping!

Amala is the most beautiful meal and most nutritious swallow. An amala a week keeps the doctors away (they would not teach you this in school). Ever wondered why people from Oyo state in Nigeria are the most beautiful? Amala is the secret!!

Hating Amala is a very bad trait and a sign of bad character because why would you hate such heavenly beauty? Engaging in Amala slander is also a bad thing and a sin. 

Now you know the gospel of amala, don’t forget to preach it round. 

Amala for president!

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