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The Nobel Prize in Chemistry goes to three scientists

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry goes to three scientists

The work of Carolyn Bertozzi, Morton Meldal, and Barry Sharpless on “click chemistry,” or the joining of molecules, has earned them the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Each winner will receive 10 million Swedish krona ($800,000) in prize money.

Their research is used to examine cells, monitor biological processes, and develop medications for the treatment of cancer.

In “click” chemistry, chemicals that are found in live cells are linked together.

The Nobel committee acknowledged their contribution to science and applauded them for making chemistry practical.

The eighth woman to win the Chemistry Nobel Prize is Carolyn Bertozzi, who established the field of bioorthogonal chemistry.

Her work has important applications in medicine and drug delivery, according to her.

It indicates that researchers can perform “chemistry inside the human body to ensure that medications go to the proper spot and avoid the wrong place”

She added that it is also a “biological discovery tool” that enables researchers to spot novel chemicals that we were previously unaware of.

The American Barry Sharpless has now won the Nobel Prize twice. Chiral catalysts were used for the first time in 2001.

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Together, Professor Sharpless and Professor Morten Meldal of Denmark built the principles of “click” chemistry while working independently.

The prize from the previous year was given to two scientists who created equipment for creating molecules.

Svante Paabo received the Physiology or Medicine award from the committee on Monday for his research on human evolution.

The discipline that defines nature at the tiniest scales, quantum mechanics, was honored with the Nobel Prize in Physics on Tuesday.

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