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The Right Way Of Wearing Jewelry: (Rules Of Wearing Jewelry)

The Right Way Of Wearing Jewelry: (Rules Of Wearing Jewelry)

isn’t it interesting how a single piece of jewelry can transform a bland outfit into a a stunning one. It could be as simple as a stud earring or a diamond bracelet.

Jewelry dont just complement an outfit, it completes it.

However, just like every thing in fashion and even life generally, there’s a right and wrong way of wearing jewelry.

Simple mistakes such as wearing too much or too little can go as far as making a gorgeous outfit look bland or even tacky!

Luckily, there are rules of jewelry that outline the right way jewelry should be worn to complement rather than ruin an outfit.

Less is More

Remember how the woman in church wearing a total of twenty bangles on both hands, a dangling earring and a heavy statement necklace looked? Tacky!

That is a violation of this jewelry rule.

Less is always more. For every outfit you need to choose one statement jewelry-only one-and tone down the rest.

If you’re going with a dangling or just bold earring, wear a simple necklace or dont wear a necklace at all.

Wear either a bangle/bracelet or a watch and never both at the same time. Unless they’re both very simple pieces or they really dont look that bad in the mirror.

The breakdown of this rule is that if you have plenty going on in one part of your outfit, then the other parts should have very little to nothing.

You dont want to be that woman from church that was making just too many statements in too many places. It’s very distracting and almost annoying.

Wear Jewelry according to the occasion.

Just like the occasion matters in choosing an outfit, it also matters when choosing jewelry to go with the outfit.

Simple jewelry, pearls and diamonds should be reserved for more formal occasions just as precious stones, heirloom pieces and statement jewelry should be for parties like wedding receptions, owanbes and the likes.

If you wear a stud earring to work, it won’t be appropriate to wear same for an outing with the family in the weekend.

You need to wear your jewelry to fit the occasion.

Mix and match but not too much.

The rule of matching jewelry pieces has become outdated. There’s no need to wear the same material or texture of jewelry anymore. You can mix silver with gold or gold with titanium and diamonds or pearls. You can wear the identical set of earnings or switch things up. It all depends on you and the vibe you’re going with. Choosing jewelry should be a process to have fun with.

But….that doesn’t mean you should wear all the jewelry metals for one outfit. Its OK to mix silver with gold and sth else but

mixing more than three materials in one outfit may just be too much.

In addition to these rules, wear what’s comfortable and resonates your personality and vibe.

Experiment with your jewelry, these rules are for you so you should use them as you please to suit your style.

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