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TikTok Bans Influencer For Fake News About Osibanjo’s Daughter.

TikTok Bans Influencer For Fake News About Osibanjo’s Daughter.

@Realcharley22 a Liberian social media influencer has been banned by Tiktok for spreading false news about the Vice President’s daughter, Kiki Osibanjo.

The Influencer sometime this week, posted news that Kiki Osibanjo was arrested in the U.S for being in possession of a large number of dollars. This news was immediately refuted by Tunde Ednut, A Nigerian blogger.

The Liberian influencer however apologized for the fake news, aggrieved Nigerians reported his page, and he was banned from Tiktok.

He apologized to Kiki Osinbanjo, because the story was not true, as the Vice President’s daughter never got arrested, and he blamed the false reports on his source.

He further said that he was asked to take the story down by Tunde Ednut after he confirmed that it was fake news

He said, “I want to apologize to Kiki Osinbajo because she never got arrested. The story is not true and my source deceived me and took someone else as Kiki.

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“I want to make a disclaimer on the video I posted earlier, I am so sorry, my followers and Kiki Osinbajo, she never got arrested.

“Popular Nigerian blogger, Tunde Ednut just confirmed on Instagram that it is false, Kiki never got arrested. He asked me to take down the story and it is confirmed that the story is false.”

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