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To Get To A Man’s Heart You…

To Get To A Man’s Heart You…

buy Kayan Mata.

Products like Zuman mata (women’s honey) is supposedly guaranteed to keep your lover addicted to sex with you, Kunun aya will turn your lover to a battering ram and gindin ayu will have your lover so securely attached to your vagina that Gorilla bonding glue will envy that hold.

The Kayan Mata Tradition is one that has carried for hundreds of years with its origins from the northern parts of Nigeria such as Kebbi, Gusau, Sokoto, reaching out into bordering countries like Niger and fairly recently extending out to other states in Nigera. Kayan Mata which is Hausa for “women’s property” are natural aphrodisiac products sourced and mixed from herbs, fruits, spices, roots and other local food produce, these recipes have been carried down from generation to generation with very little alteration done to the original recipes. Kayan Mata products range from Make up, herbs, lubricants, perfumes, oils, sweets, scrubs, lotions, incense and even jewelry. these can be ingested orally, steamed, rubbed on the body or the vagina or worn. These products claim to

  • Enlarge hips/buttocks and breasts.
  • Attract potential suitors.
  • Retain a lover’s affection and loyalty.
  • Lubricate the vagina.
  • Make skin beautiful and soft.
  • Increase stamina and libido.

Originally Kayan mata held a place of reverence in the Hausa society, reserved specially for young girls in preparation for their marriages and married women already in their marital homes. These girls were pampered and scrubbed and fed with Kayan Mata and taught how to please their men.

A lot of people believe that the success of Kayan Mata products is just placebo effect and there are no merits to using them while some others believe the tradition is seeped in fetish rites.

While some Kayan Mata vendors swear by the purity of their process we have to acknowledge the fact that there are strong fetish influences on our culture and traditions as a country, it stands to reason that some of them will seek supernatural help to strengthen their products. the longevity of this tradition puts to bed the notion that Kayan Mata doesn’t perform as advertised, too many people swear by it.

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Due to its recent popularity and an accompanying awareness the use of Kayan Mata has moved from being used in collaboration or with the consent of one’s partner to being used without their knowledge to “trap” and secure these clueless men, women spend as little as a few thousand to as much as hundreds of thousands acquiring these products. One has to wonder is all this really worth it? If a man has to be secured what are the chances other women aren’t vying for his attention and using Kayan Mata on him also?

There is also a horde of charlatans claiming knowledge of this old tradition who have have sprouted everywhere seeking to grab a chunk of this new and fast rising enterprise swindling desperate women seeking to have/keep a hold on that most ultimate of treasures, a man.

Of great concern also is the centering of the man’s pleasure, often times Kayan mata is sold with accompanying warning to take especial care of the body and prepare for bruising which will come as a result of an over enthusiastic over performing partner, added to the fact that women are specifically taught how to please the men but no one is showing men how to place any importance on women’s pleasure, (how many men can find the clit even if it brushed up beside them). Aphrodisiacs should be looked at as a doorway to better sexual encounters for all parties involved not as a snare for unsuspecting victims.

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