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Who is responsible for your orgasm?

Who is responsible for your orgasm?

No one you’re planning coitus with should ask this, it is quite evident that they are trying to run you streets, doesn’t the joining of bodies indicate a need for participation by both parties? Why take the pleasure that is your body and serve someone who is going to get an orgasm with the barest minimum while you struggle and will most likely fail to reach orgasm.

I have heard talk from male acquaintances and friends about how much faster orgasms arrive during masturbation than sex, knowledge of how to touch, the right amount needed, the grip around the penis, being able to control the pace all help get the job done faster (unless you’re into edging) the enjoyment of their partners body, soaking insider her, the aesthetic all come together and make them want to lengthen the time spent having sex. It’s basically fast food versus Gourmet meals, one gets the job done while the other gets the job done and allows you savor all the flavors.

Some women have commented on how much faster orgasms from masturbation come than during sex if at all. Think of how many times you’ve reached the plateau and just as your orgasm is about to peak your partner changes style and ruins everything, bye bye big O. Eliminating a partner in the most part equals eliminating distractions and increasing your chances of reaching orgasm.

Granted that the burden of enjoyment of sexual encounters has been placed too much on the orgasm, it has become a benchmark of how good the sex is, turning it to an act of war, a battlefield where one plunders and loots and leaves victorious after having bested the other party or a nerve racking session punctuated by the nervously uttered “have you cum yet?” that will leave the woman fraught with irritation and the man anxious about his performance.

Imagine going through Lagos traffic or Abuja heat or leaving your warm apartment and duvet to brave the Jos weather only to go all the way to someone’s house so you can go through the motions of sex and still be expected to cater for your sexual needs.

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Ladies, use that man’s body and use it well, demand that he help with getting your orgasm.

~Winnie Dashe

Sex is a contact sport, it’s a networking exercise, a “do me I do you” situation. The idea behind sex generally is seeking satisfaction at the hands or genitals of another person while also helping them seek their own satisfaction. If you’re going to be a listless participant then might I suggest you browse the internet and seek (The Strongest Clitoral Vibrator: with super strong motor with 7 vibration modes bring different stimulation, orgasms and experience for each pleasure time) At least then you are saving yourself Uber fare, the potential of stds and or pregnancy don’t forget that they can have big mouths and everyone will know that you like to do that thing you like to do, you truly have more to lose. After all whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

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