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“Why i don’t chase fast cars.”- Akpeyi

“Why i don’t chase fast cars.”- Akpeyi

Super Eagles goalkeeper, Daniel Akpeyi, has revealed why he’s not following the trend of most footballers that spends their money on fast cars and expensive lifestyles.

The amount of footballers that have gone from grace to grass- and back to rags due to lack of financial discipline, and chasing glamorous life is underemphasized, and the Kazier Chiefs shot stopper has shared his opinion about the hoodoo topic in football-money.

The Nigerian goalie has this to say while speaking to Chiefs media department: “The best financial advice I have ever gotten is that I shouldn’t make material things a priority for me. I’ve always been told that I need to get financial support in making my own finances and become my own financial support for myself and my future.”

“Instead of looking into cars and trying to wear the fancy clothes and all that, I was advised not to let the money I make get into my head at any point in time. I just need to make a good foundation for myself,” he said.

The 34-year-old has also opened up on the kind of investments he has made in recent times, following the path of many footballers who have amassed wealth through various investment.

Daniel Akpeyi and lovely family

“The best investment that I have made is real estate. I try to get into real estate, and it’s not big but its coming on gradually. At least I can say that I have one or two properties that are coming up.

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“With the little income that I am earning, I am just trying to make sure that I have one or two properties here because for now. Still being in the game, that is what I can manage from afar,”

Akpeyi added.

Furthermore, he stated that he hopes his fellow teammates at the club and national level can make good advantage of the money they make now.

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