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Wilian Close to Feature in Premier League with Return to Fulham.

Wilian Close to Feature in Premier League with Return to Fulham.

Ex Chelsea’s player, Wilian is said to be linked with Fulham, as the club is working on signing Wilian, and the deal is expected to be finalized on Tuesday.

Wilian left Corinthians earlier this month and is now a free agent. He has got several offers from important clubs, but it seems Fulham are in the Best Position to sign Wilian, who has been training with them and has obviously impressed them with his football skills.

Earlier this month, Wilian disclosed the reason why he ended his contract with Corinthians, according to him, he received life-threatening threats from angry fans. He said that Brazilian fans are very toxic and anytime anything goes wrong with the club or they lose a match, he’ll receive death threats from fans, which extended to his family too.

He further stated that he had the desire to play for Corinthians when he returned to Brazil, he is not oblivious of the pressure and criticism football entails but he definitely didn’t bargain for death threats

“The reasons for my departure are the threats I suffered, especially my family,” he said.

“The threats never stopped. Whenever Corinthians lost and if sometimes I was not doing well in the game, my family received threats and curses on social media. My wife, and my daughters, after a while they also started attacking my father, and my sister.

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“When I returned to Brazil, I came back with a lot of desire to play for Corinthians.

“I knew the pressure, the demands, the criticism I would receive, but I did not come to Brazil to be threatened, to have my family threatened with every game I lost or if I didn’t play a good game. That’s the main reason.”

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