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2023 Presidential Election: Why so much hate for Tinubu?

2023 Presidential Election: Why so much hate for Tinubu?

Bola Tinubu’s Declaration for Presidency has generated a lot of furore in the political landscape of the country ahead of 2023 presidential election. The kind of hatred that follows his declaration has made me to consistently asking myself of several rhetorical questions, to know if the former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, is the only one nursing ambition to vie for the exalted seat of presidency in 2023. Is he the sole destroyer of the country? Ironically, the answer to this is simply a capital No.

Sequel to the reality above, one would be wondering why this apparent, subsequent and consequent noise about the politically weighty personality?. Interestingly,  while his oppositions are busy condemning his candidature with campaign of calumny, he is steadily waxing stronger.

It will also interest you that some of those who finished from “Bola Tinubu School of Ideology and Empire, are indefensibly encapsulated with jealousy, envy and political persecutions. I mean many of whom rose as political gladiators today through him, spearheaded by President Buhari and his Vice (Yemi Osibajo).

This of course is not alien in Nigerian politics. The late sage Obafemi Awolowo who remains the best president Nigeria never had, was persecuted, betrayed and incarcerated for years, until his release by Gowon in 1967.

Late Chief MKO Abiola, was equally persecuted, incarcerated too and betrayed by his supposed kinsman (Earnest Shonekan). The question is why is this type of acts peculiar to Yoruba race? We love to castigate and destroy our political leaders. Honestly, it is pretty sad.

Despite all Buhari’s failings as a president of this country, his people are still in the mood to applaud him, “raka dede megida”.

You might be tempted to ask, “Am I defending Tinubu’s candidacy?”

Of course, I am not exonerating Bola Tinubu as a saint, however, his political track records as a Nigerian polician is evidently evident. He is the best man for the job. He has been part of the system, he knows the cabal and he can trace them to institute sanity.

The game about #End SARS crises, was to some extent directed politically towards Tinubu, yet, he is neither the president nor the Lagos State governor nor the chief of army staff. So why the noise about him as the one responsible for the lives of the innocent souls wasted at Lekki Plaza?

The state of Nigeria today has been terribly bastardised to vote young persons whom would be worse than an elderly person. 

Nigeria can not represent a true model of ideal state as the Greek scholar (Plato) suggested. So it is pretty difficult to suggest a “potential puppet” as the next president, all in the name of younger person.

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Aminu Tambuwal, Peter Obi and the host others advocating for younger president, should equally reflect or account for their outstanding political track records so far, in their past and present respective offices they have occupied as youths in Nigeria.

Nigerian politics is seemingly too sophisticated and incommunicado to handle for a just naive youth. “Atari ajanaku ni, ko n se eru omode” meaning, Nigerian governance is not just a child’s play- it is not what a little one can take charge. This is just the reality, let us stop being delusional.

I admonish Tinubu’s opposition to stop being subjective about his candidature otherwise he remains a perennial nightmare for them.

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