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3 millenials share how they discovered their pleasure spots

3 millenials share how they discovered their pleasure spots



the most intense, exciting, or important point of something; the culmination

While you might think you know all there is to know about your body, don’t get surprised when you realize there is a whole lot about your own body you haven’t figured out yet. One of the many infamous things about our body we are yet to completely figure out is our pleasure spots/erogenous zones. 

Pleasure isn’t just derived from the genitals. Found all over our bodies, erogenous zones are areas that have heightened sensitivity and, when stimulated, generate a sexual response of some sort.

In this article, find out how 3 millennials discovered their pleasure zones.


I had no idea there was something called pleasure spots or erogenous zones until a sexual encounter I had with this lady. We met at my place and went from ‘Netflix and chill’ to smacking and groping with our clothes littered everywhere. We kissed and did a bit of foreplay before I slid into her and started doing the “lord’s work”. 

It was really going well and I was so proud cause I was busy showing off my special skills and thought “I doubt she has ever had sex as good as this” until we switched and she started riding my penis. Damn! She was really good. When I thought the sex couldn’t get any better she placed her hands on my chest and moved closer to kiss me. She paused for a minute, staring into my eyes as her hands kept roaming on my chest like they were searching for something. 

In that moment, I swear I married her! She started moving again, slowly this time, gyrating her hips in such a way that made me almost scream. Then, she touched my nipples, it was gentle, almost- like it never happened. She tweaked it this time, and I felt this immense pleasure, she did it again, just a bit harder and I remember screaming more, more!  Then, she moved down to suck it and that was it- I lost all control, and climaxed so hard. That had never happened before and I was dumbfounded. It felt like the orgasm went on forever. I never knew my nipples were that sensitive, I had to make research later on were I learnt about other pleasure spots/erogenous zones and my sex life got better and it keeps getting better. 


I was well aware my nipple was my pleasure spot (figured that out one day I was masturbating), or so I thought until I figured out my neck was also on the list. I was with my girl friend, lazing around, throwing pillows and all that goofy stuff when she moved to kiss me like she always does. Then, she started placing kisses all over my face and moved to kiss my neck. I felt a chill down my spine and immediately my nipples were erect and my vulva was clenching like it does when I am turned on. I was surprised. So, I asked her to do it again which she did and I felt it happen again. 

I think she figured out I liked it, so she proceeded to lick and nibble on the skin. I tilted my head to give her more access. This time, I was already gushing down there.

She went on to rub my nipples while she continued kissing my neck and I orgasmed a minute after. The climax was unbelievable.


Kissing has always turned me on, it was that one thing that could get me in the mood. Little did I know that I had so much more sensitive zones on my body that could do same. 

Sometime last year, I met with a friend whom I haven’t seen in a long while. On the course of our meeting, we had sex at an hotel nearby and he suggested we spent the night cause it was getting late and the roads were not safe for a late night travel. 

I was so tired I slept off immediately after eating. Then, I started feeling some weird sensations on my breasts. It felt like someone was stroking my breasts and tweaking my nipples. It felt pleasurable. Perhaps it’s a sex dream, I said to myself. I waved it off and tried going back to sleep ,but I felt someone lips wrap around my nipples and started sucking. I also felt Large pair of hands grabbed my breasts and squeezed hard, an action that drew an illicit moan from my lips. 

Slowly, I opened my eyes to see ‘him’ sucking my nipples. Oh, what a sight! 

My hands reached out to rub the cornrows he plaited and pushed his head deeper like I wanted him to swallow my boobs whole. He stopped and moved down to start licking my mons, it felt like fireworks erupted in my heart. At this point, I was moaning like crazy, speaking gibberish. I never knew these spots could make me feel this way. 

He moved up again. This time he started caressing my inner thighs, slowly, then he left trails of kisses towards the direction of my vagina I thought he was going to stop there and probably suck there too. But he moved down again to slowly caress my thighs. His hands started groping and squeezing my ass cheeks, then he moved his index finger down the line between my ass cheeks, passed my anus and stopped just before my vagina – I found out later on that it’s called the perineum. 

He rubbed the spot in circular motions and that did it. I climaxed hard. It was so hard I had no idea where I was. 

It was pure ecstasy! 

In one day, I found out that my nipples, mons, thighs and perineum are erogenous zones. 

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