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Political Compromise; The only way the “GEJ-Tinubu” alliance can work in the APC

Political Compromise; The only way the “GEJ-Tinubu” alliance can work in the APC

Some people thought that the Buhari government would only last one term when the APC won the 2015 elections, however as of 2019, the APC defeated the opposition party. President Buhari returned for a second term.

Well, the second term is nearly over; the presidential election in 2023 is less than two years away. Both the APC and the PDP, as well as other political parties, are preparing for it.

Politicians are deflecting attacks from all sides, and it seems that the PDP is losing. Several members of the party have defected to the governing APC, including the well-known Fani-Kayode.

The news of his defection is still circulating. Many people are surprised that one of the APC’s most vehement opponents and detractors has become one of them; nevertheless, that is how politics works.

Former President Goodluck Jonathan is another figure who many think would join the APC shortly.

During Yar’Adua’s presidency, Jonathan served as a Vice President for the PDP. Jonathan took over as interim president after his death and ruled for another four years.

Jonathan ran for re-election in 2015 but was defeated by Jonathan ran for re-election in 2015, but was defeated by President Buhari. Following that, Jonathan has shown no desire to run for president or any other political office in Nigeria.

The PDP lately had difficulties, and speculations are circulating that the former president is preparing to quit the party and join the APC. Some PDP leaders even visited him to ensure his continued presence, although we can’t tell for sure.

On the other side, the APC has repeatedly said that there is still space for those who want to defect, and it seems that the ruling party is waiting for GEJ.

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Jonathan has a decent record and performed well while in government. We know that Nigerians would vote for him again if he runs, regardless of whatever political party he joins.

We are, however, aware of Asiwaju Tinubu’s presidential ambitions.

Jonathan may be the APC’s presidential candidate, with Tinubu as the vice-presidential candidate. The party will be unstoppable in this manner. This is one of the permutations that we could get leading up to the 2023 Presidential elections. Till then, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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