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4 Nigerian women share their worst sex experience

4 Nigerian women share their worst sex experience

He scratched my clit raw and then proceeded to fuck me with his smaller than my last finger penis, then he came after 3 strokes – Bidemi

Sex and sexuality are a part of life. Aside from reproduction, sex is mostly about intimacy and pleasure. Almost everyone expects that every time they have sex it has to be pleasurable. But, the reality is sometimes it doesn’t happen that way. Just like we have bad work days, we have bad sex days as well.

Even though having bad sex can be frustrating at times, the experience leaves something to be desired for your next sexual adventure β€” an opportunity to figure out what does and doesn’t turn you on.

In this article, 4 women spill the dirt on their most embarrassing sex moments…

1. Amanda

“I was in my second year in the university when I met this guy; he was a year ahead. It was lust at first sight, for me at least. Everything about him turned me on and I just looked forward to us being alone so we can bask in this lust together. But, our first time together wasn’t as I had envisioned.

“First, it was a sloppy kiss. Then, he started grabbing me everywhere; groping my ass hard, pulling my braids back. He started rushing to take our clothes off. When he slid in, I screamed cause I was really dry. I had to fake an orgasm for him to stop. I didn’t enjoy it at all.”

2. Bidemi

“This was actually a one night stand. I had just broken up with my ex then and wasn’t ready to go back to the dating scene. I just wanted to have fun and let myself go for one night, but luck wasn’t on my side. I met this dude at the club, I noticed he had been staring at me while I was dancing with my girls.

“So, I decided to approach him first β€” I danced towards him and proceeded to grind on him. It was fun and sexy. We were clearly both drunk and horny, so he drove me to the nearest hotel to do the ‘you know what’. We started kissing and doing all that shit till he asked me where I liked to be touched. I told him my clit and that was where the night went bad. He scratched my clit raw, and then proceeded to fuck me with his smaller than my last finger penis, and came after 3 strokes. I didn’t even cum!

“I was really pissed, my clit was hurting so bad I couldn’t even pee or wash up without feeling that sting. It’s been 3 years now, and I still get chills from the event.”

3. Aydah

“It was my first time. Growing up, I heard so many things about the first time for a woman. My mom always say: that is when you become a woman. I was taught that the first time for a woman is a mixture of pain and pleasure. I had plenty of expectations for my first time. It happened with my ex; he said since we’d be getting married we should have sex instead of waiting till our wedding night. I agreed cause I was also curious to know what it’s like to be a woman. He was in control of everything as he is the ‘experienced’ one like he says. I thought we were going to kiss and do a bit of foreplay like they do in movies. But, he just pushed me to the bed and tied my hands together with his tie. With one single thrust, he forced his way in. I remember screaming for him to stop. But he didn’t. I didn’t get to feel any pleasure like I was told.

“He didn’t apologize later, he just said, ‘I’m glad you enjoyed it.’ I was shocked and I wished I had never done it with him. We broke up later and it was because of that. I still feel scared when it comes to sex. Hopefully, I get to enjoy it someday.”

4. Naomi

“This happened with my husband. We were having sex one time and we decided to switch from missionary to doggy. He flipped me over for the doggy position and immediately he started stroking. I was really enjoying it until I farted. It was so unpleasant I couldn’t breathe well. Hubby had to stop immediately and stepped out of the room in anger.

I am laughing as I write this but it wasn’t funny then, it was so embarrassing. Sex was so awkward between us after that incident. Although, we joke about it once in a while. I still can’t get over the fact that I farted while sexing my husband.”

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  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ different people with their different experiences, I’m sorry for some but the funniest if all is the last woman who said she farted while at it

    Good oneπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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