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Best instagram fashion of the week

Best instagram fashion of the week

There is no doubt that when it comes to fashion, we no dey carry las!

Take a note from your favorite Nigerian Celebrities/Influencers who are closely followed by many. Their fashion has a strong influence on a lot of us.

I have seen how our fashion sense and style has evolved over the years and this isn’t just about the celebrities, it’s about you, me and every other person.

You would agree that your style has changed over the past decade, right?

A quick tip: When you get confused about what to wear to any occasion, Instagram is a great guide. You would definitely get lots of fashion inspos.

Let’s take a look at the best Instagram fashion of the week:


“Tok star” like she is fondly called is the epitome of class. She exudes chic and elegance with every look she serves and this week she didn’t disappoint. The show host posed pretty in a custom made curvy dress. One of the things that made this outfit stand out is how the colors blend together. If you look closely, you would see that the color of the skin net is the same with her skin color; it is easily missable. The hair and make up also complemented each other, giving her this sexy fiery look.


Ebuka has a real knack for dressing stylishly. He is not only a good host, he shows up at events always looking fierce and unmatchable. He has shown his style versatility in the BBnaija show he hosts, always showing up looking dapper.

This week, he was spotted wearing something different from his usual royal ensemble. He posed in a casual look rocking a ripped blue dungarees adorned with a black hat and a ripped t-shirt. You can also see traces of his tattoos at the beginning of his torso — that made you drool right? He was giving off Rockstar vibes. This man breathes fashion.


“I know you see me drenched in finesse” — like she said in one of her tracks ‘fashion killa’, Ayra starr is known for her daring and dauntless looks. Her sense of poise reflects in her wardrobe. Starr is a big fashion inspo!

In an appreciation post she made on Insta, the starr posed in a Gothic inspired look dripping in finesse. Starr was seen rocking a black sleeveless top with a patterned mini skirt. Her arms and legs were draped with fish nets. The spice on the outfit is the ‘Gothic boots’ she had on. I have never been a fan of boots but with the way starr rocked it, I’m off to the mall to get me some boots. Her face game was top notch too, the hair matched the make up. She looked like a school girl, a Rockstar and a boss at the same time — only celestial beings can pull this off!


Priscilla, a fashion entrepreneur and influencer is also a big fashion inspiration. She knows what works for her and she rocks it well. She mixes classic femininity with boldness in her style. Anything body skimming can be found in priscilla’s closet.

This week, she shared a photo of her in a mesh dress. This body fitting dress hugs her figure perfectly. This can be worn to many occasions like a night party or a date.

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