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Abuja’s Security Threat: The Key Things to Know

Abuja’s Security Threat: The Key Things to Know

President Muhammadu Buhari will be holding a security council meeting today in Abuja. All the security chiefs and Inspector General of Police are expected to attend this meeting at the presidential palace, Abuja. This meeting will be the third in under a month being held in Abuja, the country’s political capital that is under security threat. 

• Earlier this July, attackers identified as extremist militants broke into Kuje prison in Abuja, freeing hundreds of prisoners in the process. Dozens of Boko Haram convicts were among the escapees. And since then, the city has been facing security threats on an almost daily basis. 

• On Wednesday, some members of the National Assembly gave President Muhammadu Buhari a six weeks deadline to tackle the issue. The opposition party’s senators have threatened Buhari to fix the problem, or else, he would be facing impeachment. A lot of people have reacted to the threat following the statement. 

The Nigerian Information Minster, after the Federal Executive Council meeting, had reported that the government was working tirelessly to bring the situation under control. Lai Mohammed added that the threat was just propaganda. 

• At the past Security Council meeting held last week, the Federal Government alleged that Okada (commercial motorcycles) could be banned in the country. This was after an investigation was made alleging that criminals, bandits, and terrorists mostly used this means of transportation for their illegal activities in the country. 

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• Also, earlier this week, the Federal Government shut down Federal Government College, Kwali, Abuja over attacks happening in a boundary community near the school. Reports had it that there were several gunshots in some parts of Abuja on Tuesday.

The local media, this week had reported several security threats from terrorists to attack major cities across Nigeria. A leaked memo from the nations’ Civil Defence Corps -NSCDC has revealed that more danger lay ahead, according to local reports.

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