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Anthony Taylor should cease officiating Chelsea matches, according to Thomas Tuchel

Anthony Taylor should cease officiating Chelsea matches, according to Thomas Tuchel

Thomas Tuchel reckons Anthony Taylor should no longer officiate Chelsea matches because it makes his players nervous. Spurs and Germany’s thrilling London derby concluded in a 2-2 tie due to a last-second goal from Harry Kane. Even after the game was over, there was still drama when Tuchel and Antonio Conte, the manager of Tottenham, were both given red cards for fighting and using foul language.

Tuchel was unfazed by this, though, as he believed that neither of the goals scored by Tottenham should have stood. He was furious at what he believed to be a foul and an offside in the minutes before the first half, and before Kane’s header. He was also furious about Cristian Romero grabbing Marc Cucurella’s hair. When questioned about the criticisms leveled at this referee by fans, Tuchel asserts that his team members are equally dissatisfied with him. Chelsea supporters have previously complained about Taylor, most notably with allegations made throughout the years against Spurs and Arsenal.

Not just the supporters, Tuchel said. “You know the players; they are aware of everything that occurs on the field. They know it. Tuchel actually blamed VAR—rather than the referee—for missing the hair-pull on Cucurella when asked if Taylor should be barred from future Chelsea matches. He did add that it would be better though.

He continued by saying that the referee is in no way involved. The VAR personnel must also check to see if a crucial error has occurred.

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