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APC Presidential ticket: 2 issues in the heart of Tinubu

APC Presidential ticket: 2 issues in the heart of Tinubu

In light of the current political scenario in the nation, you would agree that Bola Tinubu’s role in the APC is outstanding, since he is substantially invested in the party and that will ensure his survival in the country’s next general election in 2023.

Many tabloids in Nigeria are discussing his presidential ambitions, even though he has not publicly confirmed these claims. One cannot dismiss such rumors since they have cut across most of the nation in terms of exposure.

However, it is possible that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu may be the presidential candidate of the APC, since he is an established elder statesman and is a very powerful party shareholder, as well as possessing enough financial means to ensure himself throughout the campaign.

While on the one hand, Tinubu’s nomination as APC’s flag bearer would give him an excellent chance of winning in the general election, his intention must be for more than that, and that is why he has to tighten his commitment if he is to prevail. Bola Tinubu’s responsibilities in APC’s creation and capacity growth cannot be ignored, as he was one of the major politicians who played a crucial part in the 2015 electoral victory for APC.

Bola Tinubu’s assistance, along with that of other clever politicians, was crucial in securing the triumph of the APC, which is now the governing party. Furthermore, after the APC’s successful takeover of power from the PDP, the party has grown in strength, and Bola Tinubu’s presence in the party cannot be overstated owing to his political ability and involvement.

Even though getting the presidential ticket may be relatively simple for Bola Tinubu, he’ll have to resolve the 2 issues outlined below in order to assist his goal:

  1. Winning the North: You’ll also agree that the APC has been divided into factions. This means that the Northern cabal has its adherents, and the southern politicians have their adherents in the same party. This is an issue for Bola Tinubu’s plan, since he is expected to activate the APC’s unity so that he can win the general election in 2023 with their full backing. He may be able to obtain the party’s ticket ahead of the election, but if he fails to harmonize the party’s interests, it will be a problem for his candidacy.
  2. Bukola Saraki needs to return to APC: The departure of Bukola Saraki from the APC poses an issue for Bola Tinubu’s candidacy, as it may impede his progress. Meanwhile, according to history, the two collaborated during the 2015 general election to depose the PDP, and they were successful thanks to the efforts of other politicians. Bukola Saraki, on the other side, switched back to the PDP from the APC in 2018. As a result, Bola Tinubu must consider how he might re-establish Bukola Saraki’s loyalty to the APC in order to facilitate his presidential campaign.

Politics does not have permanent friends or enemies. Rather, all entities have varying degrees of interests. With the above two factors in mind, it is expected that Bola Tinubu’s ambitions would be less thwarted, and he will be able to collect more capacity and influence than any candidate from any other political party in the nation with a similar interest.

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