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Crazy Things are Happening

Crazy Things are Happening

There are hardly any days that go by in Nigeria without seeing or hearing sad, painful and unbelievable news stories. It is neither a secret nor is it disputable that what mostly thrives on a daily basis in the Nigerian social media space are sad news stories. It makes some people to wonder if the country is cursed.

On a daily basis on our mainstream or social media, we hear or read about issues of rape, armed robbery, killings that occur in various forms and some other despicable and inhumane acts. We (the audience) at times even find it hard to believe the criminal acts committed by some people. Our legal, political, moral and security system have not been completely successful in preventing these terrible acts from happening in our society. My ardent readers, there is no denying that crazy things are indeed happening in our country.

Just last week, a self-acclaimed Man of God identified as Paapaa Elijah Emenendu, who was the founder of The Chapel of Revelation Deliverance Ministry, in Ajegunle, Lagos State, was arrested by operatives of the Lagos State Police Command for sexually molesting 3 boys, who were siblings, and who were members of his church. This is pure inhumanity for a highly revered servant of God who is actually an agent of darkness. They establish a church for the purpose of doing a lucrative business, and go on to drag christianity in the mud. One would also wonder why these 3 grown up boys would concur to such nonsensical act or if they were hypnotized by the diabolical powers of the Devil’s agent. My people, crazy things are happening.

Paapaa Elijah Emenendu

2 weeks ago, a woman identified as Mrs. Ademiloye Felicia and her son were arrested by operatives of the Ekiti State Police Command for conniving to abduct and sexually molest a 15-year old girl, whom they kidnapped 3 years ago. It is indeed sad that a mother, who is supposed to leave a moral legacy behind, was aiding and abetting such a wicked act. My people, crazy things are happening.

Just last week, a young boy identified as Abdulsamad Suleiman, who was so much obsessed by the need to possess material things killed a 21-year old lady while on her bed with a pestle and eloped with her mobile devices at the Danbare Quarters in Kano State. One would wonder how come teenagers now engage in serious crimes. My people, crazy things are happening.

Just last week, a 25 year-old Kano Indigene, Naziru Magaji was arrested and detained by the Kano State Police Command for killing his 80 year-old grandmother, Habiba Abubakar, by throwing her into a well. The reason for him carrying out this hideous act is not known. Why would he do such to an elderly woman? People who do these wicked acts are properly brought up. My people, crazy things are happening.

Man Pushes 80-year-old Grandmother Into Well In Kano, Gives Reason |  Nigeria News

Just last week, a woman dealt mercilessly with her 12 year-old niece and also inserted a wooden stick into her private part, just because she stole garri and fish. Was this loss of conscience caused by the hardship in the country or was it because it’s her ‘niece’ and so she felt she could carry out a purely wicked act just to discipline her. My people, crazy things are happening.

2 weeks ago in Lokoja, Kogi State, a woman identified as Elizabeth Abu, was taken into police custody for burning her stepson’s buttocks and adding spices on his eyes, all because he used his cloth as a duster. The heart of man is indeed desperately wicked. My people, crazy things are happening.

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Just last week, an 18 year-old lady, Adanna Ezeani Goodness, was kidnapped in front of her house by unknown men, and later, raped and killed by her abductors at Onicha, Ebonyi state. Why would a group gang up together to plot evil? For long, they might have been planning to do such act. My people, crazy things are happening.

The winds of evil are blowing everywhere. Nowhere in the country is safe, so everyone needs to be vigilant and stay aware of their surroundings. Safety should always be a priority, no matter where you are or what you are doing. That includes hotels, vehicles, schools, places of worship, and even our homes or that of those we relate with. So, we shouldn’t be carefree. We also have obligations to ensure our children are brought up properly and have a strong moral background.

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