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Does Political Power lead to Loss of Conscience?

Does Political Power lead to Loss of Conscience?

Nigeria’s chaotic political landscape is a classical example of the so-called “Post-Truth’’ society, which is regarded and described by its citizens as an entity which is fraught with deceit, selfishness, backstabbing, power struggle and nepotism, and which has brought the nation into a state of despair.

The megalomaniacs and narcissists are not dedicated to bringing about the greater good of the masses and the society but are more concerned about what they stand to attain politically and financially in their quest for power. Deceit, Propaganda, Self-Reflection and Fake Promises are what the masses see.

The leaders that seem to be more concerned about their selfish interest and wants have let the populace down.

We have seen a lot of individuals who have lambasted past and present administrations in the country, only to be granted an opportunity by the masses and the government to bring about the desired change in the society, and which they fail to do. They’re then portrayed by the masses as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

In our country today, we have many individuals who identify themselves as experts in politics and governance, but they have little or no idea on what the two concepts represent. This might be a battle cry for most politicians, because during the elections, the masses saw through their act and voted them into oblivion.

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. Who can know it?”.

This verse from the book of Jeremiah, which is in the Old Testament of the Bible, states that human beings are inherently bad and cannot be trusted to make morally correct decisions. Thoughts of the human heart are deep and hard to comprehend.

Have a critical study of Adamu Adamu before he became the minister of education in 2015. He was a fierce critic of the Jonathan administration due to the deterioration of the educational sector under their watch.

Adamu Adamu

Adamu Adamu who was at then a columnist with the Daily Trust Newspaper wrote several opinion articles which supported the action and intransigence of the Academic Staff Union of Universities against the Jonathan Administration’s approach towards education. He even supported the agricultural sector to embark on a strike to ensure that the needful was done by the government for the country to be sufficient in its agricultural commodities.

The most popular article penned down by Mr. Adamu Adamu was written on 15 November, 2013, titled “Why ASUU is always on strike’’. He wrote this interesting piece like a saint, and one who understood the needs of ASUU and the solution to the educational obstacles in the country.

The quondam critic wrote so much that one would think that if Adamu Adamu were given the opportunity, he surely would salvage the educational system and prevent further industrial actions by the Academic Union in the country.

Adamu Adamu eventually got that opportunity. On November 11, 2015, Adamu Adamu was appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari as the Minister of Education. This gave Adamu the opportunity to implement all what he said. Adamu received wide praises and was told by people that his appointment was well-deserved.

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In fact, a Former Columnist with the Daily Trust Newspaper, Prof. Farooq Kperogi said Adamu’s appointment as the Minister of Education was well-deserved in his article written on December 19, 2015 titled “Why Adamu Adamu’s appointment as Minister of Education is well-deserved’’. 

Prof. Farooq Kperogi

But Kperogi in his article also stated something about Adamu Adamu which he hoped would not become a reality. Kperogi wrote: “Now, does this mean Adamu Adamu will dwarf other ministers of education that preceded him? I frankly don’t know. I am not vouching for him because I know there is something about being in government in Nigeria that just drains people’s brains and constricts their common sense. Otherwise, clear-headed people go into government and become total, irredeemable jerks. I don’t know if Adamu Adamu will be that. I hope not.’’

What a sad reality! What Adamu Adamu did shows that action speaks louder than words. People’s actions show their real attitudes, and Adamu has shown to us that he was a charlatan and plaster saint.

Nigeria as a nation has reached a stage in which faultfinders cannot be easily trusted, no matter how patriotic they may be, and no matter the good intention they might have for their country. It’s either they’re fighting for their personal interests or a political party’s interest.

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