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Edo Impounds Three Vehicles, Apprehends Traffic Offenders.

Edo Impounds Three Vehicles, Apprehends Traffic Offenders.

Edo Impounds Three Vehicles, Apprehends Traffic Offenders.
Well, Nigerians are not used to obeying traffic rules, even when the rules are put in place, since most rules aren’t effective, most times people tend to flaunt them. However, the try Edo State Government has put in place appropriate punishment for those who intend to flaunt traffic rules.
The campaign against traffic offenders has taken a high gear in Edo state, as three vehicles were Impounded today for driving against traffic.
Mukhtar Yusuf Osagie, the Edo state Public Works Volunteer Coordinator, briefed news respondents today, that the defaulters have been arraigned before a mobile court, and would be prosecuted according to the existing laws in the state. He further revealed that they’ve made a total of seven arrests since the exercise started
According to him, “Officials of PUWOV have apprehended three more motorists in the Benin metropolis for driving against traffic (one-way). The vehicles include a gold-colored Toyota Camry and two Mitsubishi buses, cream and ash color with registration numbers; BEN- 12 –ZZ and RSH 514 XN respectively.
“The vehicles have been impounded, while the drivers have been arraigned before a mobile court and will be duly prosecuted according to the state’s extant laws.”
He also advised that these traffic rules must be complied with as it is for the good of the residents of the state because going against traffic rules can lead to serious accidents which can lead to loss of lives and properties.
He further warned, “It is strictly prohibited to drive against the flow of traffic. Doing so is extremely dangerous and can lead to serious accidents, causing injuries and even deaths to those involved.
He also added, one of the core missions of the Edo State Government is to ensure that its citizens are safe by ensuring that there’s orderliness on our roads and has introduced this initiative to make sure all defaulters are severely dealt with to protect the society and cut down unruly and disobedient drivers from the road.
“The Edo State Government is committed to guaranteeing the safety of its citizens by ensuring order and safety on our roads and has stepped up enforcement to clampdown on all unruly motorists to drive against the traffic, posing a threat to the safety of other road users. The government has put mechanisms in place to ensure that such recalcitrant drivers are apprehended and made to face the full wrath of the law.”
He also advised all drivers to obey road signs and signals to ensure that the lives of other people are protected. He further said that any motorists found disregarding the rules and regulations by the members of the public should be reported.
The PUWOV Coordinator added, “We urge all drivers to pay attention to road signs and signals and to always drive defensively to ensure the safety of themselves and those around them.
“Members of the public can record motorists disregarding traffic regulations on our road and send a video of the recording to the WhatsApp Number; 08132030846. Let’s all work together to make our roads a safer place for everyone
This is a very good innovation and the Edo state government should be applauded, considering the number of accidents we’ve been having in Nigeria, if each state government is to take up this innovation with much seriousness, the accident rate will drop and lives and properties will be secured.

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