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Fighting with Insecurities? This is for you

Fighting with Insecurities? This is for you

Too big? Too small? Never enough?

Insecure people are saddled with thoughts like these, they never feel like they’re enough.

They say the mirror doesn’t lie and that’s completely true, but when you look at the mirror and see yourself, when you feel unsatisfied with how you look, that’s your mind lying to you that you aren’t as good as you should be.

Insecurities are something that almost everybody in the 20th century have to deal with. Thanks to social media, it makes it easier for us to have something to compare with.

People get their bodies done, people work out and get that shape they’ve been looking for, and then there’s you who feels he/she isn’t enough, you want to look like the people you see everyday on magazines covers and fliers.

It may shock you to know that even those you think are perfect still get insecure, probably more than you. 

Insecurities for me are something that we use our hands, on purpose or mistakenly, to fill our minds with. 

I’ll prefer that everyone does what they want, what they feel is best for them. Don’t feel pressured to look like the person beside you.

The society has made us think that we are never okay, and we have to keep up with trends or a certain way a group of people have decided to live. Because of this, everybody has been put in diaspora because nobody even knows what is it that they really should look like. 

Today, you’re told slim is better. Tomorrow, thick is the goal and before you know it, they’re suggesting you lose weight again.

Stand in front of the mirror, take your time to access yourself and ask yourself what you prefer. Intentionally try to remove other’s views and pay attention to only your own thoughts. 

At the end of this excercise, that which you’ve realised that you like is all that should matter. The same way we are all blessed with different views is the same way our likes and dislikes would be different.

Once you are able to do this, once you are able to choose the path you’ve decided to work through, nothing else would matter. Nobody can play you down if you don’t let them, what more the things you do to yourself when you use your hands to play yourself down.

It’s what you want that matters not what they want. If they want something, then they should project it on themselves. Don’t stress so much, don’t fret, you are enough for yourself and that’s all that matters. 

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