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Football Icon, Pele Has Been Hospitalised Again.

Football Icon, Pele Has Been Hospitalised Again.

Brazilian football icon, Pele who was hospitalized earlier in the week for his cancer treatment, was said to have developed a respiratory infection on Friday, although his doctors have assured the public that they’ve been able to combat it.

According to them, he developed a respiratory infection, but he responded well to the antibiotics being given to him to combat the infection.

He is stable in the meantime but will have to remain in the hospital for proper care

“The medical team diagnosed him with a respiratory infection, which is being treated with antibiotics,” the hospital said in a statement.

“The patient’s response has been adequate, and he remains in a standard room,” not intensive care, it said.

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“He is stable and his health is showing general improvement. He will remain in the hospital in the coming days to continue treatment.”

Pele is not a small name in the world of football, he is the only player to have scored more than 1000 goals, a record that football icons, Messi and Ronaldo have failed to beat. Several debates have been ongoing that if football was strict then as it is now, with all the rules on the offside,  Pele would not have been able to score that many goals, but it is undeniable that Pele remains a legend

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