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 “please don’t put your life in the hand of a rock and roll band who will throw it all way” will always be my favourite quote and I will tell you why.
   First, allow me to introduce myself, My name is Ogechukwu Oluwaseun Anyanwu and I’m going to be one of the greatest anomalies you are ever going to encounter. 

Now let’s get back to the big eclectic tapestry behind my favourite quote, and lest I forget, my quote is from a song by the British rock/ brit pop band, Oasis and its titled ‘don’t look back in anger’.
What if I told you that the most hidden truths  embedded in the pursuit of any art form (I’ll focus on music)  is that it chooses you? The moment you become awakened and drawn in by the marvelous light, and delve into the calculated trails of your journey, hindsight will always prove this unknown theory right. From Marley to Dylan to Dagrin and Uwaifo you’d notice a touch of magical realism if you dig deep into the mines and masonry of their lives.

Now, this is how it has played out in my own little rippled universe. I’m not an artiste or performer in any sense of the word but music chose me, maybe later in hindsight, it will become a lot clearer but for now I’m trapped and I love it. I have given the better part of my adult life befriending and working with a few of the greatest contemporary musical minds this country has produced (in both official and unofficial capacities by the way). From the enigmatic Dagrin to the mad alchemist Etcetera, to the hip hop savants A.Q and Sixo (and a host of others) I have given up a chance to a normal life just trying to harness and tap from these fireballs of energy. I was chosen, nature set a trap, I fell for it and I love it. I put my life in the hands of music and it figuratively threw it away.

So, I ask you to walk with me as I relay my steps towards a seemingly hollow dream and numerous flights over obstacles in this colourful sojourn. I’ll be going the whole nine yards, music/album reviews, music business advice, background stories and a lot of exciting stuff. This should be a good way to start and with music for me, always a good day to die. 

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  • Well this sounds like we are about to go on the ride of our lives. I’m looking forward to more of this

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