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The most surprising thing for me about taking the role of editor here at Federal Character is how easy it is to unwittingly stumble upon information. This week, my plan was to talk about a human interest story. So as is my usual practice, I asked my team to head out and find me leads. They arrived with details of a well kept secret. After fact checking this all week, I am ready to share this with you.

Atunyota  “Ali Baba” Akpobome; ace comedian and mentor to many; including me, is in a rather stressful personal situation right now. I like to call it a Flurry-upon-Thames.

alibaba-and-wife-mary Akpobome | City People Magazine

 It is alleged that his previously reported happy marriage to Mrs Mary Akpobome; known in close circles as “Mummy Mary” is rocked by infidelity laced with a helping of disrespect.

When I heard this, I was filled with disbelief. This was in part, because this is something that is not in the public domain as much and even fans who just love his advocacy and comedy know Ali Baba to be a family man with no known public scandals. So I sent the team out again on a trail of the credible person(s) who are close to the couple and divulged this information to us on condition of anonymity.

They returned with word that Ali Baba allegedly cheated repeatedly with a certain London based woman and that the main issue was not that he had cheated with or allegedly sired a child by her but that he was caught in the act by his wife at her London home.

When contacted by members of the team, the couple failed to comment. As at the time of publication, Ali Baba has left his home and presently lives at an unknown location.

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 I will attempt to answer a question that I have repeatedly asked myself all week: WHY DO MANY NIGERIANS HAVE NO REGARD FOR COMPANIONSHIP?

I am asking this question because everybody cheats. No matter your creed, fidelity is preached but there’s always a window for infidelity. It may not always be physical, but from time to time, people find solace in people other than their spouses or domestic/civil partners for a variety of reasons. However; why do Nigerians repeatedly throw caution to the wind when they have found a worthy distraction. Could there not have been a better way to enjoy said peace? Why make it so unashamedly obvious that you have to be caught by your partner or a close family  member?

Maybe they want to go their own way but if this as it has been reported to the letter; then I am very sorry to Mrs A and I hope they find the right remedies for this breech of trust; by Mr Ali Baba and their confidants.

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