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Godfatherism: 2 Politicians Obasanjo Could Impose on the PDP for 2023 Presidential Elections

Godfatherism: 2 Politicians Obasanjo Could Impose on the PDP for 2023 Presidential Elections

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is experiencing leadership issues throughout the country is no longer news to anybody. However, the National Convention of the Party had been set for September 30th by the Party Leaders. If the National Convention is successful, the crises destabilizing the Party will become things of the Past. To win the next presidential elections, the Party, however, needs a viable Presidential Candidate.

As a first step, the Party should contact former President Olusegun Obasanjo to get his opinion on which candidates should run for the Presidency in 2023 on the Party’s platform, given the current state of affairs. Before the PDP’s presidential elections in 2023, President Olusegun Obasanjo may select several presidential aspirants.

The Governor of Sokoto State, Aminu Tambuwal, is one of the PDP Presidential Aspirants whom Obasanjo may endorse as the Party’s Presidential Candidate if the Party Leaders can zone the Presidency to the North. Due to their friendship, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo may propose Tambuwal as the APC’s presidential candidate.

This brings to mind the invitation given to former President Obasanjo in April to commission a 3.4 billion dollar bridge in Sokoto Metropolis in the northern part of Nigeria. Chief Obasanjo characterized Tambuwal as a vibrant, intelligent, and imaginative leader committed to achieving change. In addition, he said that the Governor Aminu Tambuwal Administration’s enormous strides in infrastructure development astonished him. Aminu Tambuwal received a lot of compliments from Chief Obasanjo while he was commissioning projects in Sokoto State. As a result, if Obasanjo is granted the privilege of nominating the Party’s presidential candidate in the North, he may do so for Tambuwal.

Sule Lamido, the former governor of Jigawa State, is also a presidential candidate that Chief Obasanjo may nominate for the People’s Democratic Party. When Lamido contested the 2019 Presidential election, there was talk that Obasanjo was funding his campaign to become Nigeria’s president. Even so, Lamido denied the rumor, stating that he had been in the PDP before Obasanjo, but he recognized him as his Leader and as an Elder Statesman of the country…

According to this, Chief Obasanjo and Sule Lamido have a good working relationship. If Obasanjo proposes a Presidential Candidate for the People’s Democratic Party in 2023, he may choose Sule Lamido. Lamido ran in the 2019 PDP Presidential Primary Race, but Atiku Abubakar won and became the PDP’s Presidential Candidate. In 2023, Lamido may run for The Presidency again. Tambuwal and Lamido have not announced their desire to run in the 2023 presidential election, but it is possible that Chief Obasanjo would back them if they do so.

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