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I’ve Always Been A World Cup Fan- Bukayo Saka

I’ve Always Been A World Cup Fan- Bukayo Saka

Bukayo Saka, England’s Winger has reflected on his achievements in the 2022 World Cup. No doubt Saka has been super Impressive for England as he has already scored three goals for England in the World Cup.

Speaking on his achievements in the world cup, he said that he has always had good memories of the world cup while growing up. And since the 2010 world cup in South Africa, he knew that he wanted to feature in the world cup one day. 

He further said he wanted to score at the world cup, seeing his current performance he believes that England can win the world cup. 

Speaking about the next game with France, He feels that they’ll need all the preparation they can get because it’s the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

Saka said: “I always allow myself to dream. Having watched the tournament as well growing up, I have a lot of memories. I remember South Africa 2010, the famous song (Shakira’s Waka-Waka) — it’s an amazing song.

“Things like that stick with you forever and as a kid, I just woke up after a dream and thought ‘I want to do this for real. I want to score a goal in a World Cup’. Now, of course, we have to believe we can win the World Cup. Right now, our focus is on the next game, France.

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“I think it’s about finding the right balance because it’s not just a normal game, it’s a World Cup quarter-final. At the same time, you need to prepare and do the same things the way you normally do so you don’t overthink and get too nervous.

“It has been a great experience so far, to achieve what I have and help my team with the goals I have scored is a nice feeling”

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