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Kiss of Contention: Rubiales Under Fire as Ancelotti Slams President’s Behavior Amidst Growing Outcry

Kiss of Contention: Rubiales Under Fire as Ancelotti Slams President’s Behavior Amidst Growing Outcry

The kissing controversy has taken a serious turn, casting doubts on Rubiales’ future in the spotlight. Following Spain’s World Cup victory, Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish football federation, found himself in hot water for sharing an intimate kiss on the lips with midfielder Jenni Hermoso during the gold medal ceremony in Sydney. Real Madrid’s head coach, Carlo Ancelotti, didn’t mince his words as he criticized Rubiales for his actions, stating that the president’s behavior was far from what’s expected of a federation leader.

The incident ignited a storm of outrage, prompting Hermoso to issue a joint statement with her players’ union Futpro. Their collective voice called for action against Rubiales, spurring the RFEF to launch an investigation and convene an emergency meeting to address the situation.

In a press conference, Ancelotti shared his perspective on the matter, stating, “It’s a very delicate topic, like most people it was behaviour that I obviously did not like.” However, he refrained from further speculation on whether Rubiales should resign, suggesting that the president should make the “most adequate decision.”

As the controversy unfolded, Rafa Benitez, manager of Celta Vigo, voiced his opinion, remarking, “The success of the national team is the news and unfortunately it’s been relegated to the background.” He emphasized the importance of proper behavior and the role of competent authorities in making decisions.

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Rubiales’ initial defensive stance eventually gave way to an apology, but the criticism continued unabated. The Spanish women’s football league, Liga F, demanded Rubiales’ dismissal, and even the Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, found his apology lacking.

The issue has grown into a protracted debate, leading to calls for Rubiales’ removal from his position. The act of kissing a female player on the lips has sparked questions about the motives behind it. With mounting pressure and condemnation, it’s evident that Rubiales’ grip on his role is slipping. The coming days could prove to be a trial for him, possibly leading to the loss of his position. In the end, such behavior is deemed unacceptable, and the aftermath of this controversy might just seal Rubiales’ fate.

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