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Larry Gaga: G Boy with a passion for attention

Larry Gaga: G Boy with a passion for attention

“G for Gaaga”  as he is fondly called by his friends recognizing his potentials for pure madness when it came to having fun, Larry will spare no expense to be the man of the hour at every collection of his guys, gaining all the attention while he doles out the cash. Quite a reputation to sustain without finances. 

So enter G for G-boy, Larry had to become what he had to become to keep his reputation. So making money you couldn’t pin the legit tag on became an unavoidable resort known by all who are close to him. 

With the G-boy industry being flooded by kids, Larry Gaga’s hunger for money and attention had outgrown the pond in which he swam in as a shark, and finally “Larry Gaaga Music”  was born.

Devoid of any form of musical talent, the plan became to use the G-money to pay the best producers in the land to make music for a collabo with the most popular artist of that moment, and he would give anything in the world to impress the said artist with a good time, money, women etc. 

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Larry Gaga… Nurturing the need for attention since 19 kiridim. 

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