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Unknown gunmen killing your own; yet Igbos killing Igbos

Unknown gunmen killing your own; yet Igbos killing Igbos

There is no doubt the nation as a whole is facing so many security challenges at the moment, and it seems our security chiefs are overwhelmed. Even though they are making frantic effort to secure the nation, the security of the citizenry seems to be worse by the day

  From banditry, terrorism, kidnapping, killings and all, no part of the nation seem to be safe. In the North you have terrorist and armed bandits killing and destroying lives and properties, in the South West it’s herdsmen with a spice of kidnapping, tribal clash that we have to contend with, the East is battling with this unprecedented trend now known as the “unknown gunmen”

   What is happening in some part of the East is a bad precedent the Federal Government seems not to even care about. If we take a critical look at it, it’s the people of the East are against themselves.

    The sit at home order, killings and destruction of properties at an unprecedented scale will hurt the Easterners more if this isn’t checked. It’s not news that the man running the show doesn’t seem to care about the zone he tagged “the dot zone”, a zone living in isolation.

   I think irrespective of the call for sedition, it’s left for the youths, elders and elites in the region to see the bigger picture. If you kill and destroy your own by ourself who then will stay in a nation gotten from the ruins of tyranny?

The big question is, is this how IPOB will be ruled? 

   This Monday, news broke that “unknown gunmen” stopped students from taking the WASSCE English Language examination. They burnt examination items, motorcycles belonging to teachers and students, and shot sporadically as they insisted no exams will hold. It is important to note this didn’t stop the conduct of examination elsewhere in the country.

  On Tuesday, some acclaimed hoodlums murdered an Anglican Priest, Rev Emeka Merenu, and according to sources his death may have been connected to the fact that he provided security for students writing WASSCE in the mission’s school.

   Well, this Thursday a lawyer named Darlington Odume has been reportedly killed by unknown gunmen. There are far more numerous casualties over the years who have died from the blood thirsty bullets of the acclaimed “unknown gunmen”.

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  These are your people, it is your land, your economy, your brothers and sisters, uncles and aunties, dad and mum. If you kill them all who will remain? 

   For the umpteenth time, there are better ways to achieve a sovereign state, killing and destroying lives and properties isn’t a useful tool.

   It is left for the elites, leaders and religious heads to have a robust discuss, irrespective of their political affiliation to end this menace before it consumes them.

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