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Rare Roman mosaic discovered in Rastan, Syria

Rare Roman mosaic discovered in Rastan, Syria

In central Syria, a nearly complete 1,600-year-old Roman mosaic was discovered.

The mosaic, which measures 20 by 6 meters (65.5 x 20 feet), was found in Rastan, which up until 2018 was under rebel control during the civil conflict.

It represents mythical events like the Trojan and Amazon Wars and is regarded as the most unusual of its kind.

A large number of Syria’s ancient artifacts have been damaged after more than ten years of war.

The most recent discovery, however, represents the most important archeological find made since the conflict’s start in 2011.

The discovery in front of them was rare on a global scale, according to Hamman Saad, a leading official with Syria’s General Directorate of Museums and Antiquities.

He said that the mosaic, which depicted Hercules fighting the Roman sea god Neptune and 40 of his lovers as well as the Amazon queen Hippolyta, was very detailed.

Rastan was a rebel stronghold and the scene of severe combat up until Syrian government forces took control of it in 2018.

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But there has been a lot of damage and theft as a result of the civil war. Palmyra was in ruins when the Islamic State group grabbed control of it in 2015.

The uproar has also created a black market for trinkets like coins and statuettes.

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