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Rockin’ The Yeezy Foam Runners

Rockin’ The Yeezy Foam Runners

Still thinking of how to rock the yeezy foam runner? Here is your guide:

The yeezy foam runner is no doubt one of the most trendy fashion statements at the moment. Almost everyone seems to have this pair of runners in their wardrobe, rocking it the best way they can. 

The existence of the yeezy foam runner is still being questioned on the streets, the peculiar features of the runners doesn’t make it exactly easy for people to ignore. 

“I think people are getting these yeezy crocs out of peer pressure because it isn’t nice!”, A guy was heard telling his friends. 

When the yeezy foam runners were first released in 2020, they were heavily criticized for their alienated looks and were tagged “overpriced crocs”. I called it “skeleton crocs”. I mean, you would agree that it does have skeleton-like features. Right? 

It is quite normal for people to criticize a product they are not accustomed to. People said the same thing about crocs until they realized how comfortable they were. Now, everyone has a pair. It is only a matter of time before the yeezy runners overtake the regular crocs. 

Recently, I got the opportunity to slide into the yeezy runners and I get why people are copping them. It felt like a combination of sneakers and crocs. The wearability and comfortability of the foam  runners is quite amazing. 

Lots of questions come to mind when I see the yeezy runners. Should it be paired with socks or no socks? Baggy or tight trousers? 

The key to wearing the yeezy runners is to keep the rest of your outfit casual. Unlike the yeezy sneakers that can be paired with tight pants and leggings, the foam runners work otherwise. They are best paired with baggy pants or trousers that are able to fall perfectly on your runners. 

How to wear the yeezy foam runners 


The runners can be worn with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. The shorts should not be fitted, it should have a wide leg like the one Justin Beiber wore in the picture below:


The runners can be paired with pants,but with loose pants that fall on the runners. This perfectly represents the casual look. 

Joggers and track pants

Joggers and track pants are also perfect bottoms to wear on the foam runners. The key is to be casual – joggers and track pants depict that just perfectly. 

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Socks or without socks

One of the best ways to wear the yeezy foam runners is with socks. 

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The yeezy foam runners do not come with as many outfit options  as the sneakers, but they can still be rocked perfectly with the tips above. It is more about comfortability. 

Please, tell that broda in your house to stop pairing his newly copped yeezy runners with his tight Jean trousers. 

Let us know what you think in the comment section below! 

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