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Sadio Mane dishes out Warning to Miller ahead of the Bayern Munich’s Match Against Barcelona.

Sadio Mane dishes out Warning to Miller ahead of the Bayern Munich’s Match Against Barcelona.

Bayern Munich are to face Barcelona on Tuesday, September 13th, in the champions league group fixtures.

Barcelona are at the top of the La liga table, after thrashing Cadiz 4-0, making it their fourth consecutive win in this season. Bayern Munich is also at the top of the Bundesliga table with 12 points closely followed by Hoffenheim.

Speaking ahead of the match, Bayern Munich’s player, Thomas Muller has said that, Senegalese legend, Sadio Mane has been teasing him about making sure he doesn’t accidentally pass the ball to former teammate Lewandowski in Tuesday’s match.

He further revealed that he and Lewandowski has built a strong connection on the pitch, and since the departure of Lewy they do not have one target man, so it will be very difficult for Barca to particularly target any player.

 Miler said, “Sadio has been jokingly telling me for the last 10 days to be careful not to accidentally pass the ball to Lewy. We have to play our game tomorrow and not focus too much on Lewy”

“Our connection on the pitch developed over the years. But now we have a lot of flexible players up front and we don’t have that one target man.

“The opponents don’t know who the target is in attack, but we have to make it work,’ Müller on playing without Lewandowski

He added, “I have a good relationship with Lewy, especially on the pitch. Apart from golf, we haven’t done much privately.

“We had contact via WhatsApp after his move. Of course, things got hot after the draw. Footballers are no different than other people.”

He further admitted that the match is going to be very tough, as the both clubs are very good, and also considering Barcelona’s brilliant start this season, with alot of goals to their name. And it will take pushing their limits before they can defeat Barcelona.

He also added that, they want to win and fully be in possession of the ball. Since it is going to be a clash of the titians, their attackers might just have to put in extra effort than they usually do in Bundesliga games.

He said, “When top European teams meet, everyone is highly motivated. Of course, we are aware that Barcelona had a great start to the season. They already scored a lot of goals. I like them. We will push our limits to win the game tomorrow”

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“We want to prevail in the duels and we want to be active when we lose the ball. The game will be open.

“In the Bundesliga, we recently played against opponents who defended well. I think tomorrow it will be a game that neutral fans will like.”

“There are games that attract more attention, like CL games in San Siro or against Barcelona. That’s an extra motivation.

“The attackers might run the extra yard that they might not do in the Bundesliga. It’s sometimes like that”

This will definitely be a match to watch, as two strong teams are clashing tomorrow. Last year, Bayern Munich  defeated Barcelona in the group stages both home and away, but with Barcelona’s current achievement Bayern Munich might not take the glory this time around

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